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Jasenak Miss Marina

dwarf black female
Import Serbia

Date of bird: 18.10.2007

Sir: Lucky Boy Bohemia Timothy
Dam: Jasenak Fair Play

Breeder: Dragana Vasiljevič, kennel Jasenak

Owner: Eva Syrová, Czech Republic

31,5/32,5 cm
fullteeth, PRA-prcd: A, patella 0/1
VetGen: BbEE

Titles: 3x the best puppy female of the show, 2x the best young dwarf female of the show, 1x the best dwarf female of the show, 2x the best dwarf female of the show „2“, Junior Bundessieger 08 Tulln 5x CAJC, 4x CAC CZ, 5x expectant of Club Champion of „Club of poodle breeders Prague“, Junior Champion CZ, Junior Champion of „Club of poodle breeders Prague“, Champion CZ, Champion of „Club of poodle breeders Prague“


pedigree-marina.pdf [PDF, 107 kB]

Lucky Boy Bohemia Timothy Solnes Walking On Water Toyway Boys Are BoyS Toyway Nimble Nipper
Toyway Sweet Pretender
Solnes Raindrops In Alaya Solnes Rain And Thunder
Solnes A Night In Marmariz
Ebi Gale Bohemia Timothy York Von Nubbel Paco Von Nubbel
Qu-Darina Von Nubbel
Black Lussy Narcis Curlfinch CupidO
Black Tipsi Narcis
Jasenak Fair Play Toyway The Venturesome Wintell's Mr. Toyway Eugenios Would Love To-Too
Wintell's Tiritomba
Toyway Lets Rain Toyway Pay Me In Cash
Toyway Cantstoptherain
Finlandia Forever Of Abra-Lee Charm Canmoy's Disco Inferno Canmoy's Kiss-Kiss
Canmoys TinA Turner
Desire Dreamer Of Abra-Lee Charm Blueberry Blues Of Abra-Lee Charm


dsc_0021.jpg 00_mara_17_mesicu_011.jpg 01_marina_3.jpg 02_mara_6_mesicu_1.jpg 03_marina_14_mesicu_009.jpg 04_knez_2010_012.jpg 05_knez_2010_005.jpg 06_dsc_0155.jpg 07_snimek-041.jpg 08_kacina_09_013.jpg 09_kolesa_09_040.jpg 10_dsc_0741.jpg

Jasenak Miss Marina

Marina - 4 months

marina_1.jpg marina_2.jpg marina_3.jpg

Marina - 6 months

jaro_08_065.jpg mara_6_mesicu_1.jpg mara_6_mesicu_2.jpg

Marina - 7 months

rodinka_057.jpg rodinka_058.jpg

Marina - 10 months

rodinka_156.jpg rodinka_157.jpg rodinka_159.jpg rodinka_160.jpg

Marina - 14 months

mara_14_mesicu.jpg marina_14_mesicu.jpg marina_14_mesicu_005.jpg marina_14_mesicu_009.jpg

Marina - 17 months

mara_17_mesicu_005.jpg mara_17_mesicu_007.jpg mara_17_mesicu_008.jpg mara_17_mesicu_011.jpg

Marina - 2 years

knez_2010_002.jpg knez_2010_004.jpg knez_2010_005.jpg knez_2010_012.jpg marina_2roky__a_2_mesice_004.jpg marina_2roky__a_2_mesice_005.jpg marina_2roky__a_2_mesice_007.jpg marina_2roky__a_2_mesice_016.jpg

Marina - 2,5 years

dsc_0139.jpg dsc_0145.jpg dsc_0154.jpg dsc_0155.jpg dsc_0158.jpg dsc_0173.jpg dsc_0174.jpg dsc_0175.jpg

Marina - 3 years

holky_037.jpg dsc_0021.jpg holky_019.jpg

Marina - 3 years 2 months

Marina Marina Marina

Marina - 4 years

Marina Marina

Marina - 5 years


Marina - 2014

Marina Marina


Kačina 2008

kacina_08.jpg kacina_08a.jpg

Konopiště 2008

konopiste_08_008.jpg konopiste_08_012.jpg konopiste_08_017.jpg konopiste_08_021.jpg konopiste_08_022.jpg konopiste_08_025.jpg konopiste_08_034.jpg konopiste_08_038.jpg

Mladá Boleslav 2008

rodinka_192.jpg rodinka_193.jpg rodinka_194.jpg rodinka_195.jpg rodinka_199.jpg rodinka_201.jpg

Praha 2008

rodinka_244.jpg rodinka_251.jpg

Kačina 2009

kacina_09_002.jpg kacina_09_005.jpg kacina_09_013.jpg kacina_09_020.jpg kacina_09_023.jpg kacina_09_027.jpg

Kolesa 2009

kolesa_09_006.jpg kolesa_09_013.jpg kolesa_09_040.jpg kolesa_09_041.jpg kolesa_09_047.jpg kolesa_09_096.jpg

Brno 2009

snimek-030.jpg snimek-041.jpg

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