Dear friends,

we heartily welcome you on web pages of breeding station of black and brown dwarf poodles named „Victoria Festiva“.

Its Latin name can be translated as „Joyful Victory“. In this title are hidden names of our two sons Radovan (his name can be translated into English as a „Joyful“) and Victor. We would like to present our breeding station as family friendly, where the care is taken of both man and animals.

When we decided to obtain our first smaller dog, we thought about a suitable breed. How lucky we were that we founded clever, temperament, sociable, amusing and loyal poodles. During the time we spent with them we could found out their amazing character, towardliness, playfulness and external beauty.

We are a small breeding station and we very carefully consider what kind of a poodle’s character will be part of the station and our attempt is to keep health, contented and originally interesting puppies.

Last but definitely not least we have to mention that thanks to our poodles we found good friends, who are devoted to breeding these nice dogs and who shared their love for them with us, the love for a whole life.

MUDr. Andrea Mašková